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Easily pick colors from physical objects with this Arduino based RGB color picker, enabling you to recreate the colors you see in real life objects on your pc or mobile phone. Simply push a button to scan the color of the object using a cheap TCS34725 colour sensor module and you’re given the RGB color values as well as an indication of the measured color on an RGB LED.

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I’ve designed a simple 3D printed enclosure for the electronics to make the device portable, simply plug it into a USB port, charger or power bank to power it up. You could also modify the design to accommodate a battery to make it even more portable.

I usually try to use an Arduino Uno as this is one of the most widely used Arduino boards, but to make this device portable, it has been designed around an Arduino Pro Micro board. It can however be easily adapted to run on most of the other Arduino compatible boards with enough IO, such as the Uno, Leonardo or Mega.

This guide assumes that you’ve worked with an Arduino micro-controller before know the basics of programming the Arduino and connecting an LCD panel to it. If you do not, follow the linked guides for more information and in-depth explanations.

Arduino Pro Micro (Or Other)
TCS34725 RGB Sensor
16 x 2 LCD Panel
2 x 10K Resistors
3 x 220Ω Resistors
470Ω Resistor
7 Pin Female Header Strip (Cut to Length)
10K Potentiometer
Breadboard & Jumpers for Testing
3D Printer & White/Black Filament (Optional for Housing)
In addition to these, you’ll need basic tools for working with electronics, including a soldering iron if you’re permanently building your circuit for use in an enclosure.”

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