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Mini Flight Recorder

For a while a wanted to make my own flight recorder similar to the commercial altimeters but with my own requirements for functionality. In addition it needed to be visually appealing and functional in the same time … After some thinking about the design and functionality the idea for the MINI FLIGHT RECORDER was developed in my mind and I set myself to work.

The new MINI FLIGHT RECORDER (MFR from now on) has the following functionality:

– Barometric/Altimeter sensor MPL3115A2
– Built in temperature sensor
– 3D High g accelerometer ADXL375
– 128×32 OLED graphic display
2MB built-in memory
– 820 seconds recording time from all sensors
– 40 SPS (25 msec between data points)
– Built-in LIPO battery
– Battery level indication
– Built-in USB LIPO charger
USB port
– Size 38x12x12mm (including battery)
– Weight 5.6gr (including battery)
USB bootloader – Firmware update through the USB

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