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USB Charging Port Controller using TPS2514

Texas Instrument’s USB Dedicated Charging Port Controller TPS2514 is specifically designed to implement the charging schemas mentioned below. An auto-detect feature monitors USB data line voltage and automatically provides the correct electrical signatures on D+ and D– data lines. Note that the chip datasheet never mentioned Samsung or Apple in particular apparently due to the copyright issues. Instead, it mentioned 1.2V mode and different Apple charging modes as Divider 1, Divider 2 and Divider 3. There are two modifications of the chip. TPS2514 has Dividers 1 and 2 for configuration #2 and #3 when TPS2514A only Apple Divider 3 for configuration #4. Both chips support DCP and Samsung charging. Note that Divider 1 or Divider 2 is configured by flipping connection to USB data lines. In other words, it is pre-wired and there is no way do it on the fly.”

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