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TSMC on track to start 3nm production in 2022

TSMC has been fast advancing its manufacturing processes. It is on track to move 5nm node to commercial production in the second half of 2020, and will soon break ground for a 3nm facility where volume production will start in 2022. Next year promises to be a fruitful one thanks to 5G picking up momentum, but in the meantime, Taiwanese IC desingers see orders slow down from Chinese clients who are conducting year-end inventory checks. But phone vendors are set to launch more 5G devices in 2020, including foldable ones. But vendors of such foldable phones have to make sure they receive sufficient supply for OLED panels.

TSMC to kick off 3nm process manufacturing in 2022: TSMC is firmly on track to move 5nm process technology to commercial production in the first half of 2020 and will kick off production of chips built using a newer 3nm process node in 2022, according to JK Wang, the firm’s senior vice president for fab operations.”

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