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One-Hand 3D Printed Controller for Microcontroller Projects

I wanted a compact and easy to use controller for all the eye mechanisms I’ve designed that would allow me to control them easily with one hand - including away to move the eyes, adjust how open/closed the eyelids are and blink. Since most controllers don’t have a dial you can use to select a specific value (and then let go of it), this prompted me to design a controller that has a push-to-make switch and a joystick as well as a potentiometer you can use to fine-tune a value. It uses easy-to-acquire parts, but if you’d prefer to use a high-quality joystick, the design can accommodate for that too. Of course you could use this design for any application you like.

This design is quite easy to make using easy to acquire parts, and the 3D printing doesn’t need to be particularly good either. The hardest part is soldering, but I’d say it would be possible to build it using just jumper cables - not that I’d recommend it!

NOTE: I’m unable to upload the download package at the moment, I’ll upload it when I can but until then the download can be found on my website:…

- Joystick - either use one of those cheap and nasty unbranded ones that come in arduino starter kits ( check images to see if you might already have one) or use a Parallax Inc 2-Axis Joystick Module if you want a better response:
- Push-to-make switch - the controller is designed to use one of these but you could probably make any small cylindrical switch fit.
- 10k Potentiometer - designed to use these but again, a similar sized one is likely to fit with some adjustments.
- Screws: A small kit like this should do if you don’t already have these lying about:
- 4 M3 x 4/5/6mm screws (only if using cheap joystick)
- 4
M2 x 4/6/8mm screws (only if using parallax joystick)

- 4* M3 x 8/10/12mm screws
- 6+ core wire with an outer diameter of around 4.5mm/5AWG: - although realistically you can use whatever cable you want!
- (optional) A cable grommet for a 6.5mm hole and 4.5mm wire:

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