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Howdy! If you are interested in astronomy and always look up at the stars and not down at your feet, you’ll surely know the ISS. The ISS or The International Space Station revolves around the earth around 16 times per day. Being an aerospace engineering student, I’m very keen about things like the ISS. If you’re too, then I bet you’ll love this project.
Meet ISS Globe - a smart lamp that can notify you whenever the ISS is passing overhead. Basically, it’s a small (and cute looking) hemispherical lamp that gives a mild glow when connected to a power supply. If the ISS is passing overhead, the lamp starts blinking for about 30 seconds (you can customise the duration).
It’s also very pleasant to look at when it just sits on the table like any other mood lamp. Sounds complicated to build, but nope, it’s a very simple microcontroller project. No soldering, no glue gun, just a microcontroller(esp8266) and an LED for the main part. You can finish the complete build in just an hour! The video shows how it behaves, note that the blinking is just a demo. Although I have witnessed a flyby and blinking of the globe before writing this instructable.
So what’s the wait for? Let’s get making!

- NodeMcu WiFi development board
- An LED
- Cardboard
- Female- Female jumpers (optional)
- Cellophane tape
- Adhesive
- Besides these, you’ll have to install two free apps- Blynk and ifttt
- Playstore link:
- Blynk

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