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The brachistochrone curve is a classic physics problem, that derives the fastest path between two points A and B which are at different elevations. Although this problem might seem simple it offers a counter-intuitive result and thus is fascinating to watch. In this instructables one will learn about the theoretical problem, develop the solution and finally build a model that demonstrates the properties of this amazing principle of physics.
This project is designed for high school students to make as they are covering related concepts in theory classes. This hands-on project not only strengthens their grasp on the topic but also offers a synthesis of several other fields to develop. For example while building the model, students are going to learn about optics through Snell’s law, computer programming, 3d modelling, digital frabrication and basic woodworking skills. This allows an entire class to contribute dividing the work among themselves, making it a team effort. The time required to make this project is around a week and can then be demonstrated to the class or to younger students.
There is no better way to learn than through STEM, so follow on to make your very own working brachistochrone model. If you like the project do vote for it in the classroom contest.”

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