Hello, my name is Jaron Strypsteen and I study New Media and Communication Technology at Howest in Kortrijk, Belgium. For an assignment for school, we needed to make an project. I choice a smart lock that can be opened with RFID and/or barcode. Below you can read all the steps that were necessary to make this tool. If you want to know more about me and other projects I made, check my portfolio.

Before I started designing the website and making my tool, I needed to make sure that I had all the required parts for my device. I started looking in my toolbox and wrote down what I needed to order. Here you can find the entire bill of material. These are the main parts:

1. RFID-scanner
2. LCD display
3. LED
4. Resistors
5. Solenoid lock
6. Barcode scanner
7. Magnetic sensor
8. Transistor
9. Diode
10. Potentiometer
11. Raspberry pi
12. Wires”


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