This project is a proof of concept about generating color NTSC signal with very simple hardware

Although color NTSC composite signal is more complex to generate than VGA signal it require less wires. It is called composite because all information is contained in a single signal. Horizontal synchronization, vertical synchronization, color and luminescence all combined together contrary to VGA where all those signals travels on different wires. So to connect NTSC composite to a TV a simple shielded (coaxial) wire is required with a small RCA phono plug at each end.

This project use only 2 actives components a crystal oscillator at 8 times NTSC chroma frequency, which is 3.5795345Mhz and a humble PIC12F1572 MCU in PDIP-8 format.

I decided to implement the 1976 arcade game BREAKOUT but could have chosen any game of that era (before advent of 8 bits microprocessors), as they where all very simple in their design due to manufacturing cost (all done in TTL chips).”


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