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This is an instructable on how to build a 6x6x6 RGB LED (Common Anodes) Cube controlled by a Bluetooth App using an Arduino Nano. The entire build is easily adaptable to a say 4x4x4 or 8x8x8 Cube. This project is inspired by GreatScott. I decided to go for a more sophisticated build using bigger leds (8mm), with less distance + adding Bluetooth communication which makes adding new functions so much easier and also adds the capability of building an app to control the cube. This also allows me to e.g. code a Snake Game (3rd showcase video at the end). On top of that I added an Audio Visualizer mode which allows the cube to visualize an AUX Input e.g. Music using an MSGEQ7( showcase video at the end). Additionally I wrote an AnimationCreator application in Java with an easy to use UI to create and tweak Animations, so that anyone can build custom animations very quick. So the Sketch + Bluetooth App provides a framework for any LED Cube configuration and with the Animation Creator you do not need to worry about implementing custom animations.
Links to the Arduino Sketch and Bluetooth App:
RGBCube_Arduino Sketch (Github)+Animation Creator.jar
Cubo Bluetooth App (Github)

Parts list for the Cube:

216x RGB LED (Common Anode) (8mm)( AliExpress / Ebay)-> 6x6x6=216
Ribbon Cable (1m 40Pin should be sufficient) ( AliExpress / Ebay / Amazon)
Female and Male Headers (at least 4x40pin each) ( AliExpress / Ebay / Amazon)
Tinned Copper/Silver Wire 0.8mm (~25Meter) ( AliExpress / Ebay / Amazon)
Shrinking Tube (AliExpress / Ebay / Amazon)
Parts list for the Control Boards:

7 x TLC5940 LED Driver ( Ebay / AliExpress)
6 x IRF 9540 P-Channel MOSFETs ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
8 x 10 uF Capacitors ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
3 x 1000 uF Capacitors ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
14x 2.2kOhm Resistors ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
1 x 1kOhm Resistor ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
7 x 28pin IC Sockets ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
1 x Arduino Nano ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
1 x 1N4001 Diode (Any common Diode) ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
8 x 0.1uF Capacitors ( Ebay)
1 x DC Jack PCB Mount ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)
1 x HC-05 Bluetooth Module ( Amazon / Ebay / AliExpress)”

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