Air Purifiers - Arduino: Speed Control a 4pin Fan

I decided to make my own Air Purifiers.
The project is a basic idea, what can be done with hand tools and as cheap as possible. This is a single-fan filter, in the stores the prices of these devices are very high. I looked at several projects until I make my idea. I decided to buy a filter, not to make a filter (maybe I will make a filter in the next version). I’m using a P1 HEPA system filter. For the fan I use - Arctic 120mm PWM. I decided to do a control with NodeMCU - Arduino. My idea was to make an hourly schedule, when to blow strong and weak. I also added a temperature sensor, as there were free pins on the board. I am also waiting for a Dust Sensor PPD42NJ to see if there is a result of everything I did. The biggest problem is the management of the PWM FAN. It took me a long time to make it work and and also a long time to make it work hard.”


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