Would you like to train your reaction time in milliseconds? Now you can with a timer inspired by the F1 race start lights.

1 - Introduction
Would you like to train your reaction time in milliseconds?

This project is a reaction timer using Arduino and more some components, but really simple and easy to be done.

The rules are very simple, similar to the Formula 1 racing start lights procedure:

Once all cars have safely taken up their grid positions at the end of the formation lap five red lights will appear in sequence at one-second intervals. These red lights are then extinguished to signal the start of the race”.

Note: After the last red light is lit, a random time (0 to 3 seconds) define when all red lights will be off. The total time from the first red light until all of lights are off varies between 4 to 7 seconds.

A 8 dig x 7 seg LED display is used to show the “lights on”, your reaction time in milliseconds and also your best mark (minimum time achieved).

There are only 02 buttons:

Start (button #1 on the left)
Reaction Time (button #2 on the right)
If the time of 9.999 seconds has elapsed after all the lights are off, a warning signal “- - - -” will be displayed when you press the button #2.

If you jump start, the timer is blocked and a warning “JP” is shown on display.

The right way is to wait for all the lights off !!

Try to get better every time !!”


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