I have been fascinated with systems like the Altair 8800 for some time now and decided to up-the-anti with my second iteration of the Digirule by making a programmable binary computer built into a PCB ruler.

Luke Drumm (lzcd) has made a fantastic Digirule2 assembler with a ‘virtual walkthrough’ feature for you to write your own assembly programs for the Digirule2. It also converts the assembly language instructions into machine code so you can type it into the Digirule2. check out the Digirule2 assembler HERE.

All the other helpful downloads are located at the bottom of this page just before the comments section.

The Digirule2 can be likened to a computer similar to the Altair 8800 built into a 20cm ruler. It is an 8-bit programmable binary computer with a simple instruction set that let’s you add, subtract, AND, OR, XOR, shift, check buttons, check the status of flags etc. so you can make some cool little programs that can be stored even when power is turned off by using the inbuilt EEPROM. An excel spreadsheet helps to convert code to binary for you to then enter on the Digirule2.”


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