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This project is for a three omni-wheel robot using two TB6612FNG drivers.

Already all know that for management of electric motors by means of the microcontroller, it is necessary to use so-called “driver” which is based on the principle of operation of the H-bridge.The most common scheme used as a driver is L298N, with it you can find a lot of ready-made modules and use them in your project. But this chip is strongly heated in the process, so it is always installed on the radiator to compensate for heat and not overheat the chip.

Therefore, to create a new control driver was chosen dual-channel driver TB6612FNG in SSOP24, it is very compact and does not have large thermal emissions, so the radiator is not necessary.

It has the following input parameters :

- Maximum motor voltage: 15 V
- Maximum output current: 1.2 a / 3.2 a(peak)
- Driver supply voltage: 6 V
- Control voltage: -0.2 V to 6 V”

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