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Omni wheels or poly wheels, similar to Mecanum wheels, are wheels with small discs (called rollers) around the circumference which are perpendicular to the turning direction. The effect is that the wheel can be driven with full force, but will also slide laterally with great ease. These wheels are often employed in holonomic drive systems. A platform employing three omni wheels in a triangular configuration is generally called Kiwi Drive. The Killough platform is similar; so named after Stephen Killough's work with omnidirectional platforms at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Killough's 1994 design used pairs of wheels mounted in cages at right angles to each other and thereby achieved holonomic movement without using true omni wheels. They are often used in intelligent robot research for small autonomous robots. In projects such as VEX Robotics, Robocup and FIRST Robotics, many robots use these wheels to have the ability to move in all directions. Omni wheels are also sometimes employed as powered casters for differential drive robots to make turning faster. Omniwheels are often used to allow for movement on the horizontal axis on a drivetrain, as well as forward and backward movement. Usually, this is achieved is by using an H-drive. Omniwheels combined with conventional wheels provide unique performance properties, such as on a six-wheeled vehicle employing two conventional wheels on a center axle and four omniwheels on front and rear axles.

ESP32 Mecanum Wheels Robot and Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

“In this project we will see how to make an ESP32 Mecanum Wheels Robot which is capable of moving in any direction. In this project we will see how to make an ESP32 Mecanum Wheels Robot which is capable of …

Mecanum Wheel… Omni Direction Wifi RC Car

“Step by step how to build an RC Car with Mecanum Wheel. It makes the car can go to any direction by pressing the smartphone’s buttons Hello everybody. In this project, I would like to share how to build …

Motor Driver for Omni-Wheels Robot

“This project is for a three omni-wheel robot using two TB6612FNG drivers. Story Already all know that for management of electric motors by means of the microcontroller, it is necessary to use so-called “driver” which is based on the principle …

PS2 Controlled Omnidirectional Robot

“This omnidirectional robot is made with VEX holonomic wheels and a wireless PS2 controller (and receiver) from Hydra! Enjoy!!!”

Project  NAMLA


“NAMLA Robot Mahmoud Sabra, Mohammad Kassab and Nur Irem from Bahçşehir University are building an autonomous omni-mobile robot , and they named it NAMLA. NAMLA has: Manual Control: It can be controlled via joystick. PTP, Point to Point: It can go …