DIY High Current Motor Driver (h-bridge)

The project is to upgrade the motors and electronic in this Power Wheels kids quad bike.Underwhelmed with the performance of this 12V mini-quad. we planned to upgrade to a 24v system with 2 new traxxis 775 brushed motors after researching commercially available motor driver boards and finding that most were either kinda wimpy(see included comparison photo) or rather expensive i decided to design a simple Arduino based solutionDesign Brief
24v minimum
bi-directional motor control
PWM control
scalable high current capable( 100AMP)
minimal components
5v stepdown for logic
battery voltage sense
adruino nano controler
access to inputs for specific uses (throttle [including top and bottom trim] , direction, enable, 1extra)
access to unused pins for outputs (led out)
the obvious solution is to use the mosfet based H-bridge circuit
im going to show you how i designed and built my high current H-bridge driver”


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