Today, I will present the PAN TILT, which is a device that enables the movement of a camera for the directions of up, down, and to the sides. I myself produced this device through 3D printed parts, using two servos and the ESP32, which makes it possible to control this mechanism through WiFi. Let us then take readings using the AD channels of the ESP32, as well as an analog operation using the controller LED_PWM. Also, we apply the control over a TCP / IP connection.
In the video, you can see that I have an ESP32 reading the values of the two potentiometers, which are sent (via WiFi) to another ESP32. It is connected to the two servo motors. The camera moves (and is attached to the PAN TILT) in the directions of up, down, or sideways, depending on the control you make through the pots.
The link to the PAN TILT 3D print design can be found here:”


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