Hello guys, welcome to Being Engineers. Hope you all are doing great. In todays tutorial I will show you how I made my own arduino uno board using the atmega328p IC. A year ago I have made a series of tutorials about homemade DIY arduino. This is kind of a updated version of that. Before starting this let me thank the whole arduino community for the immense support they has provided us throughout the time. WIthout arduino this channel might not even started at all. Now it being a open source platform it’s quite easy to get to know about the insides and the bits and pieces of all the things that makes arduino what it is. So in this tutorial we will be looking into the schematic of Arduino Uno, modify it a little to our needs, make a PCB out of it and solder the required components to make the final product. But before starting let me tell you that I will not be using any SMD components to make my version of arduino because not everybody has a soldering station and sometimes, specially here where I live, finding SMD components is harder. Moreover through hole components are cheaper than SMD components in most of the cases.
I have also made a detailed video discussing the whole process in youtube, so if you don’t feel like reading the whole doc here, watch that video. You will be sorted.”


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