Widget Dashboard

This project is a dashboard for displaying the outputs from up to four different sensors or Internet of Things devices. It’s based on an ATtiny85 driving an SPI 96x64 SD1331 colour OLED display.

You can include any widgets from a selection of different types, and they automatically lay themselves out on the display. You could use it for applications such as a weather station, power monitor, or circuit status display.

For a practical example of its use see ATtiny85 Weather Station.

The Widget Dashboard runs on a low-cost 96x64 OLED display with 64K colours, and an SPI interface. It’s available from a number of suppliers including Adafruit [1] or Banggood [2]. The library leaves two free pins on the ATtiny85, so you can display readings from up to four I2C sensors, or from two analogue or digital inputs.

The dashboard is based on my earlier Colour Graphics Library; for details of the circuit, and the graphics library commands, see the original article.”


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