I’ve been working on an Arduino based smartwatch that could show time, date, alarm, temperature, connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and show notifications. I had some errors on this baord, but in this tutorial, I’m sharing the good board that I’ve already fixed. See below all the files, the GERBERS, the code and a step by tep tutorial. Lets start!
PART 1 - The PCB

Here you haev the board used in this project. You could see the EasyEDA project link below or downlaod the GERBER file as well. Just downlaod the .zip file and send it to a PCB manufacturer. Once you receive the PCB check if for shorts, good tracks and connections. The board is double layer and it has a lot of small SMD components. Go below in this tutorial to see the full part list for all the components and also check the schematic below for all the values.”


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