RAP is aimed at developing from scratch - ie no ROS - the HW and SW of a four-leg robot with sensors enabling an autonomous walk.

This project started from my desire to develop an autonomous robot without relying on existing kits, so I could dig into the necessary algorithms, hardware design and associated code. I initially considered developing on top of ROS (Robot Operating System) but as this is my first project of this kind, I decided to stay “bare metal” - I am not a Linux expert - and become familiar with Inverse Kinematics, COG determination etc. RAP stands for Robotic Autonomous Pet - which certainly sounds much more serious than what this project actually is ! - and has the following characteristics : - four leg, 3 DOF per leg - sensors : LIDAR for 2D scan of the environment, IMU to get pitch, roll, yaw and compass information, Foot pressure sensors for detecting “in the air leg” situations. - Wifi connectivity Hardware design was done on Fusion360, all code done in C++. Source files are available on GitHub.”


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