Musical Card (ATtiny85)

One of my team was leaving and I thought what better way to wish her all the best than with a singing card.


- Passive piezo buzzer
- ATtiny85
- Lithium Button Cell Battery (CR2450)
- Momentary button (type commonly used with an Arduino)
- 10uF Capcitor (used when programming the ATtiny85)


- Glue (PVA & Craft glue)
- 4mm Plywood
- Card (A5)
- Paper (A4)
- Solder
- Varnish


- Arduino
- Soldering Iron
- Wire cutters/strippers
- CO2 Laser cutter
- CNC Machine


- Inkscape
- FreeCAD
- MuseScore

Create or download the MIDI file of your choice. I wanted auld lang syne and so I downloaded an existing MIDI file from the web. I then used MuseScore to edit the file, removing surplice notes and lyrics. In editing the notes, I removed Staff 2 so that there was only Staff 1 and wherever there were double notes (or more) I left just the highest one. Once complete I used save as to save the edited file back as a MIDI file.

I then visited https:/, followed the onscreen instructions, uploaded the MIDI file and converted the MIDI file to Arduino code.”


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