Bluz Wireless Temperature Sensor

Add that much needed remote temperature sensor wherever you want, no wall outlet required.

I recently needed to add a remote temperature sensor to my Minimalist Thermostat and I decided to make it with a Bluz Development Kit (Bluz DK from now on).

What are we going to build here?
We are going to build a low power, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) remote temperature sensor connected to the internet so we can access its reading from anywhere.

So, what is bluz?
From their site:

Bluz is a development kit that acts like an Arduino, but has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication built-in. With this BLE connection, the device can talk to the Particle cloud, a service that allows you to access your hardware anywhere in the world through a REST API. You can call functions, get variables, publish or subscribe to events, trigger webhooks, and even program it over the air through a Web IDE.

Bluz is perfect for wireless applications that require long battery life. Because it uses BLE, bluz can last for months or years on a coin cell battery, all while staying connected to the cloud and fully accessible.

Bluz is programmed with Wiring, the same language used in Arduino, so it will feel familiar to many compatible development kits.”


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