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Fingerprint Sensor Door Lock And Blackbox

Last year I’ve made two door lock projects. One was the keypad project and the second one was an RFID door lock project each with a 3D printed case and a servo to open the door. Today I have a new one and probably the last door lock project on this channel. This is a fingerprint door lock with a black box integrated. So, why is this better than the other two projects? Well, first you don’t need to carry any key or card with you since you always have your fingerprint. So that’s more convenient. It is also faster to use than typing the code of the keypad door lock. Just place the finger and open the door. Also, it is almost impossible to trick this door lock since a fingerprint is difficult to copy so with a metal case instead of plastic, this would be a very secure door lock. It also has a black-box with SD card and real time clock so we could see the log line by line with everything that happened with the door.”

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