If you are a maker you must like making to stuff. We all do! Isn’t it awesome when someone asks you what are you doing and you are like “I am just making cool things with my hands”? When you are going to a contest, school or maker fair (I wish to be there one day) you want to show everyone around that you are a maker. Because of that, I thought that some kind of LED sign would be cool. Maybe I should 3D print one and put some LEDs inside it? No, that’s not cool enough. How about a big PCB with a lot of LEDs that are arranged in some text let’s say “I MAKE STUFF”? That sounds perfect! So that’s why I made it. Maker badge that’s how I called it is a very simple project for beginners, so if you want to start with soldering or electronics you can by making this project. There are a lot of things to solder (almost 100 LEDs) but all of the components (except one that is optional) ar THT (through-hole technology) so those are easy to solder. If you want to have a cool LED sign keep reading :)”


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