Scanlime-in-Progress Indicator (aka YouTube Live Indicator)

Never miss your favourite YouTube channel going live again with this Particle Photon-based indicator.

I’m a big fan of the scanlime-in-progress live streams Micah Elizabeth Scott (Scanlime) does under the watchful eye of Tuco the cat. Micah’s streams are often epic, building, hacking and tinkering with everything from reverse engineering firmware to building a Tuco flyer which I find really interesting, sometimes these are adhoc and I found I frequently missed the first few hours until I noticed the email from YouTube (once I remembered to enable notifications).

To solve this problem I put the Particle WebHook to use to query the YouTube API, I added a few LEDs on a ThingyStick prototype PCB to indicate the channel being live. I had planned to 3D print a nice lime enclosure but that’s still pending, the final indication can be modified, maybe a big LED, or a “Live” sign using a relay, or maybe some nice RGB Neopixels, the choice is yours.”


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