Measure Your WiFi Signal Strength Using Particle Photon

WiFi has become an integral part of our life and daily billions of people use WiFi as a method to access the internet. But the range of WiFi is limited, unlike a cellular connection. A normal WiFi router usually has a range of about a 100m in clear sight and about 20m to 50m without clear sight (With walls or any other electronic appliance). It would great to know the WiFi coverage of your Wireless router so you can place your router in a place at which you would usually get maximum range. The Ideal way to do it is to use a WiFi meter those devices are expensive and not easy to find. So in this instructable I’m going to show you How to build a WiFi Signal Strength meter using the Particle Photon. If you don’t know what the particle photon is or if you are getting started with the particle photon I would recommend you to check out my previous instructables and also the documentation at the particles website.”


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