GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based radio navigation system which allows you to get your location and guide you through other locations through a well recognized and predefined map like Google maps, and in the world of Arduino, this is accomplished by the Arduino GPS Shield.
The GPS knows your location through the latitude and longitude values of your location which specifies where exactly are you from the world and we are going to use these two measurements to calculate the distance between your current location and the desired destination using the GPS shield on 1Sheeld in a quick and funny Arduino GPS Shield Tutorial.

Lets talk about the idea behind this Arduino GPS Shield Tutorial …
In the Arduino GPS Shield Tutorial, we are going to use the GPS Shield from 1Sheeld via its companion Android/iOS App to get the current location.
We achieve this by telling the App (by using the voice recognition shield), both the latitude and longitude of the desired location we want to reach and the Arduino will calculate the direct distance between the 2 locations in km unit (by using the GPS shield) and tells you (by using the text-to-speech shield) what is the distance.
Getting started:
If this is your first time to deal with 1Sheeld or you want to learn more about it, I recommend checking this quick and easy getting started tutorial.
Now, after you’ve become a little bit familiar with 1Sheeld, let’s start!”


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