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How much time do we waste in traffic jams? I made an Arduino-powered destination notifier to utilize this time in a productive way.

Everyone knows that traffic jams can be a major time waster. And it is impossible to predict how long it would take from origin to destination.

The problem of traffic jams affected me when I came to a city two months ago. Every day I spend more than two hours stuck in jams. And I felt it like why can’t I utilize this time to do something?

Note: I use public transport. :-)

There are plenty of other things you can do while being stuck in traffic jam!

Some of the ones below are not just fun, but productive too:

Use the time to think and plan, either for current and future projects.
Utilize time to educate yourself, watch instructional videos or take an e-learning course on Udemy, Coursera, etc.
And of course making electronics stuffs always inspires me. So I built a destination notifier using Arduino and GPS module. So what it does is whenever you are near to your destination, it notifies you by glowing LED or through vibration (by using mini vibrating motor). I have provided circuits for both LED and vibrating motor.

For that, first you need to find latitude and longitude to define the location. Once you find your location, you can use the latitude and longitude values to find distance to the location and by keeping a range you can turn on the notifier. The logic is simple, right?!

So let’s get started……”

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