GPS Tracking System with Arduino Uno and Digilent PmodGPS

This project is a GPS tracking system with LCD display using an Arduino Uno and a Digilent PmodGPS.

Project Motivation
This project is a subsystem of a larger project that I was a part of for my UW Bothell Sensors and Sensor Systems elective class in Autumn 2018. That project can be found HERE. This project will highlight the use of the PmodGPS from Digilent as a position locator and guide to a reference point. This can be helpful for hikers, hunters, or other navigators in situations without signs or other clear location/direction markers.

This project uses and Arduino Uno microcontroller, PmodCLS LCD screen from Digilent, and the PmodGPS also from Digilent. The Arduino Uno was encouraged for us to use for easier programming rather than Verilog or some other HDL. Once operational, this project will display the user’s latitude, longitude, altitude, distance to a fixed reference point, angle bearing towards a fixed reference point, speed of the user, as well as other data should the programmer choose to implement as there are many other functions available for the PmodGPS. This system can be powered by a USB connected battery for mobile application. Just program the Arduino Uno, disconnect from your computer, plug in the USB battery, and the Arduino Uno should continue operating as normal. The reference point is set at the time of system reset. This can be manually triggered by pressing the Reset button on the Arduino Uno.”


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