Hi everyone,
First of all, I’m french, so that’s possible that some sentences make no sense, I’m sorry, I’m working hard to improve.
I currently work on home automation in my condo. I used OpenHab2 and mosquitto as software. I’m not an expert in these two softwares but I know how they work generally. OpenHab is the user side, with a graphic interface made to control the house. Mosquitto is a software made to make things talk together. For example, OpenHab is able to talk with my hardware easily.
For the people who don’t really know the MQTT protocol, here’s a website that explains the basic.
My problem is that I want to control my hardware ( 4 smart wall plugs ) with real switches, not only with OpenHab’s web interface .I designed, programmed and created a remote that is able to send MQTT requests to the devices I choose. The best thing in my remote is that I have 4 buttons, for a menu, and I can add the number of device that I want to.”


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