Radiation Detector

Building a “semi-directional” radiation and cosmic-ray detector is not an easy feat. I aimed to design, construct, and test a portable and versatile Silicon photo-diode Radiation Detector suitable for the 5keV-10MeV detection range to accurately quantify low energy gamma-rays emanating from radioactive sources.
In this Instructables, I’ll first explain briefly some theoretical concepts underlying the operation of the detector and core properties. I’ll then take you through the different tests undertaken and the relevant research investigated during the multiple design iterations.
Let’s start with a little background science before we go on to the construction :)
Pay attention if you don’t want to become a radio-active zombie: With radiation sources precaution is key - it is not safe to be around sources of high-radiation, and this device should NOT be used as a reliable way of detecting harmful radiation in the environment.”


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