RPi MacroScope

The Raspberry Pi, combined with an adjustable focus camera, can be used to help us better observe the world between microscopic and the un-aided eye. I primarily use this for photographing electronic assembly (including all the pictures in this Instructable), but it can also be used to take videos and create timelapses. The addition of a foot pedal allows for hands-free camera work. Images can be stored on a USB thumb drive, or to the expanded Fat32 formatted section of the Pi’s SD card so it can be removed and read on a Windows computer.
This project is quite involved, but has three separate aspects that can be utilized independent of the others:
PiFet: A circuit board containing circuitry to control the LED light ring and provide user input via push buttons. Case: A 3D printed case and camera mount. Setup: Configure the Raspberry Pi and Python scripts.I’ve found this project to be quite useful, and hope you will find something intriguing enough for you to try it. Let’s begin …”