In this project, we’ll build a protoype of a wearable fitness device designed to vibrate when it detects stagnation. This device is low-cost and can help keep you on the move.
I love data, especially when you can use it to improve your life. But sometimes less is more. Activity trackers are great at helping you set goals and track improvement but the only feature that I personally need is a reminder to be more active. But who wants to walk around with a dorky band on your wrist when you can be decked out in PCBs that vibrate when you’re lazy?

Several times a week, I will look down and realize that I have been frozen at my desk for hours. This is what inspired the FitByte, a simple activity tracker that will notify you when you are inactive for a pre-set period of time. This is a simple build with a bit of through-hole soldering. The finished product will fit on your wrist, is a great conversation starter, and helps promote that healthy lifestyle we all pretend to be living.”


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