In this short series - I will attempt to show different methods for using the L298 H Bridge Motor Driver Board.
The L298 is commonly found in hobby and educational robots.
This was put together, not to show a complete working two wheeled robot, but to attempt to explain the ideas behind the operation. It is left up to the student the method, or combination of methods they would like to use in their project (robot). IT was purposely left to not show complete code, but the code could be easy to duplicate to other pins for two motor use.
The L298 can drive 2 DC Motors, these demos only use one motor, but can be duplicated on the remaining pins of the L298. SO for these demos, a 2 wire setup could be duplicated for 4 wires. A 3 wire setup could be duplicated for 6 wires. That is to say At a minimum you need 2 wires per DC motor. (This will * drive one motor)
And at minimum 4 wires are needed for 2 DC motors.”


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