TinyBASIC on 8080 emulator on Arduino

No problem, really. Take an Arduino Uno. Use an emulator from Altair8800 emulator (under GPLv2). Not the whole code, just CPU emulation. Our HAL – Hardware Abstraction Layer can be really simple. My “virtual machine” has a 4kB ROM, mapped in 0x0000-0x0fff (PROGMEM) and an 1 kB RAM, mapped in 0x1000-0x13ff. You can resize RAM up to cca 1.5 kB) Virtual 8080 port 1 is mapped to the real serial port. Virtual port 0xFE is mapped to the built-in LED (just for fun) Take a source code for Tiny BASIC. Compile it via ASM80.com – online assembler. It needs two slight modification for MACRO. Make a binary version as basic.h Compile, upload, and voila, it works!”


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