Mini Word Clock

I have seen several nice word clock designs here in Instructables and other places. Somehow, I’m always fascinated from the clocks and I wanted to build mine. After long time thinking I found a nice way that I thought would be the easiest. First, I thought how could I make the word panel. Basically, all the designs I have seen are using fancy vinyl or laser cutting. I dint have access to either of them, but I have 3d printing access. So, that made fixed the first problem. Second problem. How to light up proper letter. I thought about using a PCB and soldering LEDs on it. Coincidentally on that time I saw a LED matrix modules. That gave me an idea- why don’t I use the LED matrices. The control can be very easily made with an Arduino and here is very little soldering needed. I don’t have any problems with soldering, but I was looking a way to reduce time consuming work.”


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