Arduino Controlled Kitchen Timer

All of you must have experienced this that you have something being cooked on your gas stove while on the other side you get busy watching TV or get a deep conversation that you realize on detecting a smell that it was completely spoiled just because of your carelessness. This little Arduino controlled device is a simple solution to the problem! This is basically a mini battery operated portable kitchen timer which can be set to any number of hours and minutes and tells you with buzzer beeps that the provided time is over. The buzzer is loud enough to be heard even in another room thus can save your dishes from turning burn black. Wonder how great would it be if you made one yourself? Here’s how to! When talking about the inner workings, this project consists of Arduino as the brain, a Liquid crystal display to display time, a buzzer to notify you, two buttons to enter hours and minutes and two LEDs to acting as indicators. Apart from this, it is operated using a 9v battery thus making it small, light weight and portable. As you may have noticed, all of the parts are one of the most basic ones thus you won’t have to hunt around. You can enter the number of hours as well as minutes which makes it an accurate device to suite your needs. You will require a maximum of two to three hours to make it.”


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