Light following bristle bot

There is one thing missing from all my projects so far…..Something that moves. Bristle bots are very similar to hex bugs but are built from toothbrush heads and pager motors. I thought the idea of bristle bots was cool but they were no brains to them until i seen this blog post where you could control one with a light. Essentially this light following bristle bot is just two bristle bots side by side so it would be steered. Lets have a look at the hardware side of the build. Here is a bread board layout below. As you can see its just 2 bristle bots where the pager motor is controlled by a 2N7000 transistor which its speed is determined by the LDR (Light Dependent Resistors) and adjusted with a resistor trim pot. I also added a led to each one to show which pager motor is being activated, This makes it easier to see whats going on too.”


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