IR Thermometer, StopWatch, Cooking Timer, Inactivity Tracker

This is a story about making an pocket carry-able USB stick like IR Thermometer made using Arduino programming and some other stuffs. The device will also have Stop Watch function, Kitchen Timer & Inactivity Tracker function. IR Thermometer is a IR radiation based temperature sensing device, which allows to measure the average temperature of a surface it’s facing most probably with Wien’s displacement law or Stefan–Boltzmann law from highs school physics. Stop Watch is basically a basic time measurement device used in sports, scientific experiment to measure lapsed time. Today hardware Stop Watch (analogy type) are kind of extinct and replaced by so called smartphone app. Kitchen Timer is a device that alerts cook by buzzing alarm that something getting cooked needs checking. Inactivity Tracker is a periodic timer that alerts a person to move his ass after every certain period of time. This helps one to get a minute break from idle state and practice healthy life.”


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