CNC Needle Cutter

”Cutting foam sheets… with a needle!” I’d been wanting to build a CNC machine for cutting 20”x30” sheets of foam board for a few years - basically since I got hooked on building and flying cheap RC planes. I’d actually wanted a CNC machine for much longer, well before I got hooked on RC planes. I had looked into it a few times but always decided it was too expensive to justify. But that click bait sounding title worked on me and I gave it a click. I had just build my first 3D printer less than a week before, and had seen the MPCNC on thingiverse but the idea of a 3D printed CNC machine just sounded like a bad idea to me so I skipped over it. But reading the needle cutter thread I saw that the guy who developed it had built several CNC machines over the years and was now hooked on the MPCNC. Still, my printer was new and that’s a LOT of printing to build that machine. So I didn’t dig right in but just watched for awhile. What I saw continued to impress me. And finally I decided I had to give it a try. So I dug in on building a MPCNC.”


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