Light Your Menorah (Hanukiyya) or Christmas Tree Remotely from your Phone

Before I begin, a word to this blog’s regular readers. This post will likely be read by people with little background in electronic projects. I’ve written it for the novice to introduce him/her to the wonders of the Raspberry Pi, remote control, and home automation - so don’t expect any great revelations… However, it’s also an introduction to Blynk that some people may find useful. […] What you’re about to see seems very simple; by touching buttons on my phone, little lights will come on. But the thing is, I’ve chosen to switch on little lights. I could equally well have chosen to turn on the TV, followed by the washing machine, then the upstairs lights, the vacuum cleaner, the kettle, the toaster, and anything else that uses electricity. To turn on these appliances, I’d only need to add a few simple components - that can be bought from China for 2-3 dollars. So, although this blog will describe how to switch on the lights of my Menorah, it’s the basis for “the Internet of Things (IoT)” and the rising industry of Home Automation.”


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