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Headphone amplifier

This instructable describes how to “make” a simple audio headphone amplifier. It can be used with different devices - MP3 players, Walkmans, Radios, .etc. It can be used also for your own designs - can be connected to the analog outputs of audio DACs, to the outputs of self made radios (for example using TDA7000, or TA7642) or other gadgets. In comparison with the other instructables, this will not give you an exact instructions how to do the job, but will give you the idea and show you for example how it can be realized in a particular case. The success of this project will relay on your imagination and capabilities … The main idea here is - why to make something from scratch, if it exists… Where an existing audio amplifier can be taken from? The answer is - from a defect computer CD-R,W, DVD-R,W reader, writer, ROM-drive.. All they have audio output for headphones, which has almost always a volume control. When those devices broke, normally the malfunction is always in the mechanics, in the laser system, in the optics, but, I think never in the audio headphone amplifier.”

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