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After discovering Cew27’sCmoy Headphone Amp a few months ago on Instructables, I’ve been inspired to build my own.
I was also inspired by Koogars amazing Crystal CMoy Free Form Headphone Amplifier which I have been admiring for a few years now. I even did a bunch of projects using resin because of this project!
This is my second headphone amp build my first can be found here. What I really like about this one compared to the first build is a couple of things. Firstly, its a simpler build and only needs one IC to run it, and second, you dont have to worry about separating the input and output grounds as I did with the first build.
Also, in my opinion it has better sound quality then the first build and seems more stable. There is still a small amount of interference sometimes if your mobile isnt switched to air plane mode, but I dont think this is really avoidable. Once your phone is on air plane mode, there is no detectable interference and the amp works perfectly.
You might be asking yourself right about now, what the hell is a headphone amp and why do I need one! Your phone doesnt really have the power to drive a pair of headphones. You can here this when you listen to music through your phone speakers, the sound sounds flat and has no real range. When you plug your headphones into a separate amp, youll be astonished at the level of audible improvement in clarity, detail and dynamics you get out of your speakers.
So without further ado lets get cracking”

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