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Stereo Amplifier (6W+6W) Using LA4440 Ic

Amplifiers are much needed for audio amplification. There are many dedicated audio ICs available in the market. They have different wattage ratings, power consumption,mono or stereo,etc.They are available in various packages like DIP,Pentawatt package( Many TDA series IC have this pack), SIP14H pack,etc. Today I will be talking about the LA4440 IC, which has a SIP14H pack. This is a very good and clean stereo amplifier. It can deliver 6W+6W output power, which is enough for your home theater. When used in bridge configuration it can deliver upto 19W of power. Talking about external parts, you will need a bunch of capacitors, a few resistors. I personally like it very much and I will recommend everyone to try this audio IC. It feels pretty nice when you are making your own amplifier without too much hassle. So let’s get started.”

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