Wireless MOOD light with Arduino & BLYNK app

In this tutorial we will be creating a MOOD (you can create any color you can imagine to fit your mood) light, that can be controlled from your smartphone, we will be creating the APP too (NO ANDROID APP CODING required). It can be operated from your local network (NO INTERNET needed) well you can basically extend it to make it controllable from the web but I will be teaching you how to install a local SERVER to handle everything, and the most interesting part of this project is , even if you are very new to ARDUINO and only have the ARDUINO board , and dont have any BLUETOOTH module or WIFI shield , It really doesnt matter we will help you extend your LAPTOPS WIFI card to talk SERIALLY to the ARDUINO ,yes guys we are making it as SIMPLE and SILLY as possible , well it isnt SILLY ,as it give a SMART HOME feeling :)”


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