High-Speed Splash Photography Rig with Arduino

Photos of items dropping into water (or other liquids) always have the potential to fascinate the dramatic splashdown, the explosion of flying droplets frozen in time. Theyre also increasingly seen in commercial images look in your local supermarket and theres a high probability youll find an image of a strawberry, chili pepper, or banana hitting the water, captured by a high-speed flash. Together with a photographer buddy of mine (like me, a physicist by training), I spent several long evenings trying to take great water action photos. We had some success, but we were doing it the hard way. This photo was one among hundreds we took in a single night the vast majority of them showed the cube not in the water yet, or too deep in the water. In this project well show you how to take perfect splash photos, the easy wayby precisely timing the dropping of the object and the triggering of the flash, using an Arduino microcontroller board.”


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