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Home Automation Using Google Assistant With Esp8266-01 and Thingspeak

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how create Thingspeak account and linked with IFTTT to control the home appliance with Google assistance Voice command.
The idea behind this is to control home devices with your own voice. On the market there are lot of devices available to do that. But making your own hardware is awesome. So, let’s do it. Build your own personal assistant that will do the work for you. Just your assistant requires only voice command from your mobile.
Note:- Same email id have been used to login your google account in your mobile, thingspeak account, IFTTT account.
Supplies:I strongly suggest you to buy the components from you can get quality products and ON TIME DELIVERY. so that i recommend to you all…
Arduino uno :- 1 x 1
ESP8266 :- 1 x 1
LCD 16x2 :- 1 x 1
LCD Break out board - 1 x 1
2 channel Relay :- 1 x 1”

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