DIY CNC For 60$ (Large Work Area)

Hi there I’ve been here after a long time, and this time I’ve made a huge project as compared to my earlier ones. This is a full-sized 250 mm X 300 mm work area CNC machine and more interesting things is that it was made in 60$ only. I got some time in my summer vacations and this time I thought to make something apart from my daily work,I can say that it is a fully functional prototype. It is a full version of a CNC. I failed many times during this build but at the end I got precise CNC machine. In the following steps you may notice two different versions of it actually the larger one doesn’t work properly so I made smaller one with work area of 25 cm X 30 cm. This is my longest instructable ever I am going to mention each and every thing I faced and did during the building time. I can easily see many mini CNC’s on this website made from old floppy drives and CD ROMs. First of all I thought to make a mini version of this CNC but due to a little difference between the cost of mini and full versions I decided to go with this one. See this video of my CNC working with all axes moving :-“


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