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This guide is for anyone who has ever rolled over a log to see what lies underneath. What happens when you’re not looking? Watch the video above, then dig in (hehe) to this guide and build your own Rhizotron* (SoilCam)! How does one capture video underground? Waterproof and bury a normal document scanner. Combine a Raspberry Pi Computer and a few amazing software tools to automate the scanning and creation of a time-lapse video! The Raspberry Pi uses a Linux Operating System (Raspbian), an OS that it and much of the software written for makes automating tasks much easier! If you have never used the Linux OS, or don’t feel terribly comfortable with technology fear not! The Pi is designed to make learning easy, you may want to spend some time reading up on the Pi, the terminal, and various linux commands before proceeding. The videos in the following steps are intended for people new to Linux. For those already familiar with, you can probably skim through the pictures.”

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